Dev is curious, enthusiastic and easily amused. The art is inspired by nature, the rhythms, textures, and colors of earth and sky. She is very fond of stones and the stories they tell of heat and time, pressure and energy.

Workshops and private instruction in wire work available.



Follow my Blog...

I am blogging! I plan to show off new stones and work, document some of my more interesting adventures and share cool and intriguing things I find on the web.

Newsletter Archive

Summer 2014 Newsletter
August 1, 2014 Newsletter
for Summer 2014

Itís been a busy summer! Iíve taken a break from my hometown show, the Santa Rosa Wednesday Night, spending time buzzing about in my New Favorite Thing (see above.) Iíve done quite a bit of work for my friend Sean Xenjaís gallery, Dynamic Energy Crystals in Sausalito, and new work of mine can be seen there or on my website.

Iíve started a new line of pendants! Iím calling them Delicate Crystal Wraps, because thatís what they are: small and colorful gemstone crystals in simple wraps. They are smaller than my cut gemstone pendants and a bit more affordable ($20-35.) Iíve been collecting colorful crystals for years, and am pleased to actually have an outlet for them!

I was in Eureka California in mid-April for the Bead, Gem and Mineral Show at Redwood Acres Fairgrounds. I met lots of nice folks and picked up some pretty nice rocks as well! Iíll be back in Eureka this weekend:

Title: Arts Alive in Old Town Eureka
Location: Funk Shui, an eclectic gift, thrift and boutique
at 213 F Street in Old town, Eureka, CA
Date: Saturday, August 2, 2014
Hours: Saturday 6pm - 9pm
Iíll be featuring new work and demonstrating wire wrap technique. There will also be Wirework Tutorial DVD available, as well as hanging out to teach Wire Workshops until Tuesday, August 5th. Wire Workshops are $75 each and include all materials to make a pendant you wear that day, use of tools and Wirework Tutorial DVD. Hope you can make it!

My next stop is Burning Man, August 25 to September 2! Itís a week in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada along with 67,999 other art-minded folks. This event is the center of my year, a recharge for my artistic life. I always come back dusty, exhausted and inspired!

Seeya on the road!

Earth into Art,

Spring 2013 Newsletter
March 30, 2013 Newsletter
for Spring 2013

New Work!

Since returning from my month at the Quartzsite show in early February, Iíve been having a great time cutting and wrapping my new stones. I also picked up gemstone beads to expand my color range to match the new stones. Some of the new work is on the Work for Sale page on my website, with more being added each week.

Iíve been busy!

New Stones!

My favorite new rough came from a nice Congolese couple at Quartzsite. One is a plume malachite with chrysocolla, very blue-green and wavy when cut. The other is calcite with chrome dioptase, shattuckite and cuprite. Every stone I cut from this rough looks like a storm at sea, and looks great with the new emerald beads!

My next show is in Eureka, CA at the Lost Coast Gem Show, April 12, 13, 14. Iíll be demonstrating lapidary, doing custom wirework and showing off all my new work, as well as new cut stone for sale. And selling my Wirework DVD!

Title: Lost Coast Jewelry, Gem, Bead & Mineral Show
Location: Redwood Acres Fairgrounds
3750 Harris Avenue, Eureka, CA
Dates: April 12 - 14, 2013
Hours: Friday 12pm - 7pm, Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 10am - 5pm
Admission: $3.00 (children under 12 free accompanied by adult)
Web Site:
The 12th annual Lost Coast Jewelry, Gem, Bead & Mineral show is once again coming to the Redwood Acres Fairgrounds. Enjoy shopping some of the finest dealers in Northern California including unique jewelry, pearls, beads, gemstones, minerals, fossils and crystals. April 12, 13, 14. Students and Seniors are FREE on Friday and 1/2 price Saturday and Sunday. General Admission is $3 at the door. Kids 12 and under are free with an adult. I'll be set up with the Genie and a trim saw demonstrating lapidary and custom wire wrapping, as well as showing my newest work. I'll be staying in the area after the show to teach workshops for about a week, so sign up at the show or use my website Workshop page to pre-register.
Iíve been busy!
Also, Iíve changed my email address to The old one, was clogged with spam and other delightful email maladies. Ah, life on the InternetÖ

Earth into Art,

June 2012 Newsletter
June 13, 2012 Newsletter
for Summer 2012

Happy Summer! This is just a short note to let you know of upcoming events, and give you a glimpse of new work. I picked up some beautiful rough in Quartzite AZ this year, and they sure turned out nicely in wire!

Amazing Sonora Sunrise, resting on its rough, lots of this left, both in cut stones and finished work.

Same thing goes for this gorgeous Larimar with Hematite Dendrites!

Also, some rings in the works, Arizona turquoise and Dichroic Glass Scarab rings:


Iíll be at SFís Crystal Fair this weekend, hereís the info:

Title: The Great San Francisco Crystal Fair
Location: Fort Mason Center, Bldg. A
90 Marina Blvd @ Buchannan, San Francisco
Dates: Saturday - Sunday, June 16 - 17, 2012
Hours: Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm
Admission: $6.00 (children under 12 free accompanied by adult)
Web Site:

Visit me in the Crystal Room with Seann Xenja of Dynamic Energy Crystals of Sausalito, CA. Come see my new work with rocks I picked up in Quartzsite! Sonora Sunset, Gem Silica, Flower Jasper, Lepidolite w/pink Tourmaline, and more! I am also at Santa Rosaís Wednesday Night Market through the summer:

Title: Santa Rosa Downtown Market
Location: Fourth St. from Mendocino Ave. to E St.
Dates: Every Wednesday, May 9 - August 8, 2012
Hours: 5pm - 8:30pm
Web Site:

I will be joining over 130 vendors, 40 entertainers and bands, dozens of wineries, and tens of thousands of people to downtown Santa Rosa to celebrate Sonoma County. The market will officially kick off May 9th, 2012 and run every Wednesday from 5-8:30pm in Downtown Santa Rosa. I am located on the south side of Fourth Street across from the Russian River Brewery.

Enjoy your summer! I hope to see you while youíre out and about. Thanks as always for your interest!

Earth into Art,

October 2011 Newsletter
October 4, 2011 Newsletter
for Winter 2011

It was a beautiful summer in Sonoma County, and I enjoyed every minute. Much of it was spent working in my sunny little courtyard, or in my workshop with the door flung open to the garden. My favorite time of year produces the best work.

The website has a great new look! WebLady Judy has added beautiful new cover images and a new page to the Gallery, Stones. I now have stones for sale on my website. Come by and check them out in Work for Sale or browse the stones by type in the Gallery in my new Stone Page.

I have a Wirework DVD! It's a conversation with my friend Tim Glidewell (Sample)  about putting wire on stones. In the video, I create two pendants of different sizes and shapes, while describing the process over the course of an hour or so. I discuss tools and materials, tips and tricks with close up shots of the action. I'm offering the video for $15 and combined with the PDF Wirework tutorial for $25 with free shipping. I continue to teach wire workshops in person, check out my Workshops page for more information.


Here are some new pendants I've been working on. I've had some interesting new stones come my way and these are just the beginning!

Here's my booth at the Wednesday Night Market in Santa Rosa. Doing this show always reminds me of how cool our community really is. Great food, music, crafts, farm market and neighbors! Please come by next year and say hi.

Here's where I'll be next:
Title: SRMGS 35th Annual Mineral and Gem Show
Location: Santa Rosa Veteran's Memorial Hall (across the street from Fairgrounds)
1351 Maple Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA
Dates: Oct 15 - 16, 2011
Hours: Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 10am - 5pm
Admission: $6.00 (children under 12 free accompanied by adult)
Web Site:

San Francisco Crystal Fair
Title: San Francisco's Christmas Crystal Fair
Location: Fort Mason Center
Buchannan Ave. at Marina Blvd., San Francisco
Dates: November 26 - 27, 2011
Hours: Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm
Admission: $6.00 (children under 12 free accompanied by adult)
Web Site: /~sfxtl/index.html

I'll be at the Quartzsite Rock and Gem Show, Quartzsite AZ for most of January, hanging around with rock folk, and sleeping under the stars. I'll be at Tyson Wells  from January 10 to the 30th in booth J4. If you are in the "neighborhood" please drop by, I will definitely have some great new treasures!

And finally, here's a pic of me at Burning Man this year. I'm sitting in the "L".

It's a good life.

Earth into Art,

February 2011 Newsletter
February 22, 2011 Newsletter
for Late Winter 2011

In early January, I went to Quartzsite Rock and Gem Show! I spent three weeks in the Arizona desert, cutting stone, bending wire and talking rocks with folks who love them as much as I do. Check out my new Nomad entry: Quartzsite 2011.

One of the many cool things I did was name a stone. Two of my new friends, Ken Dunham and Criss Smith brought me a locally mined Arizona rock to see how it cut. I jokingly called it Giraffelite because of its colorful patterns. Somehow it stuck. It looks great with amber and ruby, fire opal and garnet, and copper and 14k gold fill wire complement its fiery tones. I have Giraffelite freeform cabochons and wire work pendants are available, as well as rough slabs for lapidary artists.

Stones for Wire Wrappers
I've cut WAY more stones than I can possibly wrap for myself, and I'm having too much fun to cut back. So, I'm going to be offering stone specially cut for wire wrappers.

I love organic shapes following the natural rock form, and geology that makes for an interesting story in the stone. They are sized for wrapping in 22 or 24 wire. See my new Stone for Wire page coming soon on the website for available stones. Right now I'm working with Kaleidoscope Agate, Parrotwing Chrysocolla, Ruby in Fuchsite, and of course, Giraffelite.

Great SF Crystal Fair
I will be working with Sean Xenja of Dynamic Energy Crystals, who will be showing his new gems and crystals fresh from Tucson Gem Show. We'll be in the sunny back room at Ft. Mason. Check out my new stones, especially Giraffelite and the stunning Kaleidoscope agate.

Check out a video of a previous SF Crystal Fair.
I show up at 8 minutes or so in. I hope to see you there!

Title: The Great San Francisco Crystal Fair
Location: Fort Mason Center, Bldg. A
90 Marina Blvd @ Buchannan, San Francisco
Dates: Saturday - Sunday, February 26 - 27, 2011
Hours: Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm
Admission: $6.00 (children under 12 free accompanied by adult)
Web Site:

In creation,


December 2010 Newsletter
December 8, 2010 Newsletter
for Winter 2010

Wrap It Up.
It's been an interesting and educational year for me. I was able to take a Geology class and attend two Geology Field Trips through Santa Rosa Junior College Geology Department. I love learning HOW these rocks came about, and get a somewhat bigger picture of where they came from. It's all very exciting to me, and I hope to pass that on to the folks who wear my work.

There will be two new Nomad pages in the Gallery soon, Death Valley and Yosemite/Long Valley Caldera. Dev Khan blog will be featuring new rocks, interesting Earth information, and things I think are cool. Check it out:

I've met lots of great folks at shows, found amazing new rocks to play with, learned new techniques in wire and stone, taught cool folks at my workshops and generally had big fun throughout. Thanks to you all for showing up and your continuing interest in my work.


Amazing new stone!
Kaleidoscope Agate/Prismatic Amethyst. This is a very limited material out of copper mine in West Central Utah. It's deep purple amethyst crystals in a mix of chrysocolla, azurite and malachite. This is a great stone, difficult to cut, but so beautiful when combined with the right wire and colorful gems. I will be cutting this material until it runs out, and I will have extra stones on sale for wire wrappers. The finished pieces are shown in the top photo and are available for sale on the website on the Current Work page. I like it.

Sale on Classes for December
I will be offering special pricing on Wire Workshops for the month of December. My regular fee of $75 will be $60. This might be a good time to treat yourself or a friend to a new hobby, make a gift or two, or take the advanced class if you've been wanting to learn more about wire work. Gift certificates for classes are available. They can be used to lock in this special rate even if you won't have time for the class until after the holidays.

If you'd like to host a gift making party of four or more, you will receive your $60 class for free! I am available almost any time, and can travel, if not too far from Kamp Khan!

Here are some details about the workshop:

New Work Info
I'll be adding stone locations to current work when known. I'm working on a STONE PAGE that will have locality, geology and interesting facts about many of the stones I work with. It's a project, bear with me.

December 18 & 19, I will be wire wrapping pieces at Dynamic Energy Crystal Gallery in Sausalito. Sean has amazing quartz crystal and gemstones in all colors, shapes and sizes. I'll be creating custom pendants using Sean's stones. He has top-quality moldavite, tourmaline, fire opals and other fantastic gems. I am a kid in a candy store!

Cruise around Sean's site, he has beautiful quartz crystals and other earthly goodies.


2011 Quartzite Gem and Mineral Show

I will be at Quartzite for my first time in January. From what I hear, it's THE Place to get all the new and cool rock straight from the folks who are digging them up. When I get located, I'll send up a flare. It sounds like fun and I hope to see some familiar faces!

I'll be around Tyson Wells, January 7-30, 2011

Thanks again for your continuing interest and support. I hope to see you in 2011!

In creation,


September 2010 Newsletter
September 16, 2010 Newsletter
for Fall 2010

Autumn is almost here! The days are getting shorter and I find myself spending much time outdoors soaking up the last of the summer sun. The afternoon light in my courtyard calls me to sit with wire and stones, beads and cats. Lots of new work happening!

Have a look at the new Current Work page in the Gallery section of my website. There are 57 pendants available, some older work, some new. All are priced considerably less than usual, as I've been very productive and would like to make room for new pieces in the works. They will be available online until mid-October, when they will go to various shows and galleries. I'm offering a 15% discount and free shipping on orders of three or more pieces during this time. Over the holidays I will be adding new work as it is finished.

Web Mistress Judy of By Word of Mouth Design has done an amazing job of presenting my work in a new, more detailed format. Check out her other fine work at:

I've been cutting lots of new stones, more than I can possibly put wire around! Here I am covered in mud from my favorite stone, Parrotwing Chrysocolla. I will be carrying a selection of cut stones for wire workers at my shows. I hope to offer these stones online in the near future. This tray is a preview of things to come.

Here are the shows I've scheduled for the next couple months.

Title: SRMGS 34th Annual Mineral and Gem Society Club Show
Location: Santa Rosa Veteranís Memorial Building
1351 Maple Avenue, Santa Rosa CA
(across from fairgrounds)
Dates: Saturday - Sunday, October 16 - 17, 2010
Hours: Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 10am-5pm
Admission: $6.00 (children under 12 free)
Web Site:

I will be cutting and polishing stones at my table. Come see how it's done!

Title: The Great San Francisco Crystal Fair
Location: Fort Mason Center, Bldg. A
90 Marina Blvd @ Buchannan, San Francisco
Dates: Saturday - Sunday, November 27 - 28, 2010
Hours: Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm
Admission: $6.00 (children under 12 free accompanied by adult)
Web Site:

I'll be working with Sean of Dynamic Energy Crystals, doing custom wire work on site. Bring your special stones and crystals, or find treasures at the show to be transformed into wearable art.

Crystal Channels in Santa Rosa will be carrying a collection of my work for the holiday season. Kami has many beautiful crystals and minerals in her store, as well as gift cards, incense, and gifts for your friends who love rocks. She is located at 1347A Cleveland Ave, Santa Rosa CA 95404 near the Hot Tub Store.

Come on by and check it out!

Here is the newest addition to my already amazing life- a 1985 VW Cabriolet. It's a blast to drive and will deliver me to shows, workshops and all the cool places I need to be to find the best stones to work! Expect future Nomad pages to be created soon!

I continue to teach wire workshops, and am available to travel. Here's information on current workshops available:

I especially like teaching groups of folks. If you'd like to treat friends or family (6 max.) to a holiday wire workshop, let me know your timing and I'll show up with all we need to make beautiful pendants together.

Thanks for your continuing interest in my work.

Come see me at a show!

In creation,


March 2010 Newsletter
March 2, 2010 Newsletter
for March 2010

Happy Spring! It's reassuring to see the earth going about its business, bursting into bloom and birdsong. The worries we have as humans seem to flow away with the running creeks towards the sea. For me, itís a time to refresh, renew and create!

Thereís a new Nomad page up! Itís about a recent rockhounding expedition to Lake County, CA to find "diamonds." I will have some obsidian/Lake County "diamond" pieces coming soon.
Check it out:

I am blogging. I plan to show off new stones and work, share the creative process, document some of my more interesting adventures, and pass on cool stuff I find on the web.
The blog can be found at this link: or on the News page of my website.

Hereís a beautiful new stone Iíve been working with, Ruby in Fuchsite. Itís kyanite-coated ruby crystals floating in sea green fuchsite and it looks like dessert to me. It loves faceted rubies, chrysoprase and pearl. I have four pieces built now that will be on my website for sale soon.

I am at the Great San Francisco Crystal Fair at Fort Mason this weekend, March 6-7. Iíll be in The Crystal Room with Sean Xenja of Dynamic Energy Crystals, making custom pieces, showing lots of new work, and lots of good deals on older pieces.
Come by and see me:

Last, but not least, Iíd like to introduce my friend Chris Carrollís amazing photography. He did the great ďGlamour ShotsĒ you see of stones rough and polished. Check out more of his work at:

Thanks so much for your continuing support and enthusiasm for the arts. I hope Spring is working itís magic with you as well.

In creation,


December 2009 Newsletter
December 15, 2009 Newsletter
for December 2009

Holiday greetings! I hope everyone is enjoying time with family and friends. Thanks so much for all your appreciation throughout the year. We are all still here in spite of the wonky economy, and I am grateful to be creating new work and expanding my artistic horizons.

What with shows and holiday sales there hasnít been time for pictures of new work! Hereís a tray of all my new pieces with prices. If you see something you like, let me know and we can figure out which one it is!

There are new lower prices on all existing work. Iíd like clear the way for new work in the year to come. If there is a piece youíve been hanging back from because of dollars, now might be the time. Iím offering discounts on multiple pieces as well. There is a new PayPal option onsite.

Here is my first batch of rings. They are sized at 9-10 but can be sized to order. They are all natural cut stones in sterling silver wire and sell for $45 each.

New! Freeform Cabochon Tutorial available as PDF download or CD. There are 31 beautifully photographed steps, including materials list and detailed descriptions. $15 download, $20 CD, free shipping. It even has a table of contents!

On Workshops:
The individual workshop comes with all materials (stone, wire, beads) use of tools and new CD tutorial for $75. I will also be offering beginner tool sets for sale at workshops for $25. Each set contains chain nose and round pliers, flush cutter, pin vise and comes wrapped in a handy working area cloth tied with a ribbon.

Group workshops, $75 per person:
I like to teach groups of friends or family, gem clubs or creative circles. If youíd like to host a workshop for you and four of your craft buddies, your class is free.

Iím excited for the new year, one filled with collaborations, community and creation. Iíll be working through the winter cutting stone, bending wire and teaching myself new tricks. I hope to see you in 2010!

In creation,


October 2009 Newsletter
October 10, 2009 Newsletter
for Fall 2009

Hey all, itís been a great (and busy) summer! Thanks to everyone for showing up and enjoying it with me. As most of you know, the high point of my year is Burning Man, an art festival in the Nevada desert. Itís a time for me relax and re-energize, connecting with thousands of artists from around the world. Iíve documented a small portion of this journey on my new Nomad page. Check it out:

Itís the second of a continuing series that will feature some of the art and experiences I have along this creative journey. Iím planning a trip to Quartzite in January so youíll see where a lot of new pieces are coming from!


Rings! Iím making rings these days. Here are a couple I made so far, both sold. Iím be taking special orders, and Iíll also have a few on the website for sale as well. Theyíll be in the $100 or so range. Let me know if youíre interested! Iím looking forward to making more because they are fun and look pretty good too.

Iím offering 20% discount for all my mailing list folk for the month of October. If you see something you like, now might be the time!
Please note that the discount does not apply if purchased through Etsy, so contact me directly to receive your discount at

Coming up:

Title: 2009 Santa Rosa Mineral and Gem Society Club Show
Location: Santa Rosa Veteranís Memorial Building
1351 Maple Avenue, Santa Rosa CA
(across from fairgrounds)
Dates: Saturday - Sunday, October 17 - 18, 2009
Hours: Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 10am-5pm
Iíll have the Genie and trimsaw onsite cutting and polishing, so come by and see the process. This is a fun event to learn more about minerals and gems, and an opportunity to purchase items not normally found on the regular show circuit.

Print this coupon for $1.00 off admission

Title: The Great San Francisco Crystal Fair
Location: Fort Mason Center
Buchannan Ave. at Marina Blvd., San Francisco
Dates: Saturday - Sunday, November 28 - 29, 2009
Hours: Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm
Admission: $6.00 (children under 12 free accompanied by adult)
Web Site:
Visit me in the Crystal Room with Seann Xenja of Dynamic Energy Crystals of Sausalito, CA.

I will be making custom pieces onsite. Bring your special stones and turn them into wearable art while you shop.

I hope to see you at a show or maybe even a workshop sometime soon. Iím adding many new pieces to the website, so check back and see the latest work. Thanks for your continued support!

Last, but not least, if you have a Facebook account, be sure to add me to your buddy list. You can find me by my email address,

In creation,


August 2009 Newsletter
August 10, 2009 Newsletter
for Summer 2009

Greetings to you all,

The summer is flying by! I've met many fine folks, and made so many new pieces at great events so far: Harmony Festival and Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival, the Sebastopol Sidewalk Sale sponsored by Apple Blossom Beads, and The Santa Rosa Downtown Market which continues until August 12 (two more weeks!) Please stop by and see me if you can. I always have an extra chair for friends!


The website has a new look! In addition to Webmistress Judy's amazing new Current Work page, there are new beautiful photographs. Natalie Sadler is a talented and creative photographer who takes my pieces on field trips to the ocean for their photo shoot! The top image of the Larimar Wave piece is hers, as well as the images of me working.

If you are interested in having Natalie work for you, her email address is

Webmistress Judy's email is if you'd like a new look for your website, or need maintenance and hosting. Judy took my neglected shambles of a site and made it sing!

Thanks to all for making this my best summer ever!

I am off to Burning Man...

In creation,


April 2009 Newsletter
April 21, 2009 Newsletter
for April 2009

Howdy all,

Happy spring! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful time of renewal and growth. Much of my time is spent cutting stone, and I'd like to share a bit of the art with you. Even after so many stones going through my hands and under the wheels, I'm still in love with the beauty of the process.

Here are two images of a gorgeous Parrotwing Chrysocolla in the rough:


Here's the same piece, rough sawn into pieces ready to be shaped and polished. The piece to be worked is second to right. I chose this section of the rock for the beautiful little scene in it and those mad colors!

The finished piece is shown at top, worked in wire, gems and pearls, attached to my favorite beads! This is a personal piece, not for sale, but there is a lot more parrotwing to be cut...

Here are some more lapidary pics:

Lapis Lazuli and Chrysocolla in bright mud!

A day's work on the table!

I hope to see you at The New Living Expo this weekend! Here's some info:

Title: New Living Expo
Location: The Concourse Exhibition Center,
8th St. at Brannon St., San Francisco
Dates: Friday - Sunday, April 24 - 26, 2009
Hours: Friday 3-10pm, Saturday 10-9pm, Sunday 10-7pm
Web Site:
The New Living Expo, formerly known as The Whole Life Expo, has become a signature event in the Bay Area. Attendees mingle with like-minded people, connecting with the evolving human empowerment movement as well as those working on healing our global community, and ourselves. It remains the must-attend, integrative event for exploring possibilities and learning the latest breakthroughs in science and alternative medicine. This show offers vast networking opportunities to "meet and greet" while enjoying the new discoveries for restoring the body, heightening the mind, and awakening the spirit.

I'll be in the section with Joseph Smith and friends. I have lots of new work to show off, and great new stones waiting to be made into art. I'll be working onsite as well, creating custom pieces while you wait!

I hope to see you there! Enjoy!

In creation,


Second February 2009 Newsletter
February 26, 2009

Another Newsletter
for February 2009

Howdy all,

More pieces available! I am extending my Spring Sale to the end of March with the addition of new work. That's 30% off everything, including the new pieces!!! See my website for details and prices. Please note that the discount does not apply if purchased through Etsy, so contact me directly to receive your discount.

I continue to offer custom work and creative workshops in talismans, wire-work, and crystal wraps at a discount for this month as well.

Check out the nice write-up of my work in this month's Craftzine Blog:

Thank you all once again for your continuing interest and good wishes through these interesting and transformative times.

In creation,


February 2009 Newsletter
February 19, 2009 Newsletter
for February 2009

Howdy all,

After all that rain lately, today was a glorious day which reminded me that Spring is just around the corner. So, I've decided to do some Spring Cleaning and offer my current stock of pendants at substantial discounts.

Within the next week, I'll have a whole new line of pendants available, so be sure to check back soon. Everything on the site is available for 30% off through the end of February. Place your order now! At these prices, they won't last long!!!

As always, I'm available for custom work and private sales.

Thanks for your continuing support of Art!



November 2008 Newsletter
November 24, 2008 Newsletter
for November 2008

Howdy all,

Welcome and thanks for signing up for the mailing list!

September and October seemed to fly by with lots of cool things going on. There was a whirlwind trip to Pinon, Arizona and my first trip to the Grand Canyon. WOW! I picked up a few stones along the way, and some of them found their way onto my wheels. Here are the results:

It was so much fun to travel, pick up stones and create pieces reflecting the journey! It inspired me to add a new page to my website, Nomad. I'll be offering the story of each piece, including images of its discovery and its transformation from rock to finished work. Sound interesting? Coming soon! You'll be able to click the Nomad button at the bottom of the page to see where I've been. For a sneak peek, check out my Contact page now.

Thanks to all of my friends at the San Francisco Crystal Fair in September, it's always great to reconnect.

The Santa Rosa Mineral and Gem Society show was amazing too. The Club folks really put on a good show, and fed us a wonderful home-cooked meal as well! I met so many new folks and reconnected with old friends. I had my Genie AND trim saw on site demonstrating lapidary on the fly, as well as inspired wirework on request. My good friend and Inspiration, lapidary artist Leigh Becker of Eidos was at the show with his latest stone creations. He was kind enough to offer me some leftover slabs to see what I could do with them.

Well, here's a start:

And MUCH more to come:

Thank you Leigh!

I know we're in financially strange times, and I'd like to do my part to keep us all rolling forward. I am reducing my prices and introducing a line of simpler, lower-priced works in the $30-45 range. Everyone deserves to have beautiful things and I'd like to make that possible. I appreciate your patronage and support of the arts in general. We're all in this together!

Here are some new pieces available soon:

I'd like to offer workshops in wire differently as well. I'm finding that teaching a workshop put together by friends is VERY fun! If you would like to host a workshop of four (or more) friends, you would receive your lesson for free. The workshop is normally $75 per person, and includes wire, a hand cut stone, use of tools, and a materials enough to create a finished piece in three hours or so. Also included is a materials and source list, and a semi-illustrated instruction sheet. It's a lot of fun, and you take home a piece you created with friends that day!

Here is where I'll be next:

Location: Fort Mason Center
99 Marina Blvd. @ Buchannan Street, San Francisco
Date: November 29-30, 2008
Hours: Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm
Admission: $6.00 (children under 12 free accompanied by adult)
Web Site:
I'll be creating custom pieces onsite, as well as showcasing my latest work.

Title: Holiday Craftacular
Location: Petaluma Veterans Hall
Dates: Saturday, December 13, 2008
Hours: 11am - 5pm
Web Site:
This is a very cool show sponsored by the Petaluma Craft Mafia, a group of smart outsider craftfolk dedicated to the idea of community.

We're all in this together!

As always, I'm available for custom work and private sales.

Thanks for your continuing support of Art!

Oh yeah, here's that kitty, now named Skwerl, snoozing with Uncle Fitty:


September 2008 Newsletter
September 15, 2008 Newsletter
for September 2008

Howdy all,

July and August found me busy at the Santa Rosa Downtown Market (thanks for stopping by!), moving out of my house of ten years and Going To Burning Man. Not much time left for a newsletter!

Burning Man was great as usual, a transformative experience that brings new energy and ideas into the work. My favorite personal piece transformed as well!


Here are some new pieces, and more are on the way...


Raspberry Heart 

A natural Burmese tourmaline crystal worked in goldfill and tiny sterling silver spirals. Pink tourmalines, black onyx and tiny pearls garnish the bail. Delicious!



 Parrotwing Chrysocolla Wave

A wave is sculpted into this tropical ocean-colored stone worked in sterling silver and goldfill wire. A large peruvian opal is surrounded by swirls of apatite, chrysoprase, tourmaline, peridot and pearl.


For more info on these and other new work, go here:

Here are my next two events:

Location: Fort Mason Center
99 Marina Blvd. @ Buchannan Street, San Francisco
Dates: September 20-21, 2008
Hours: Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm
Admission: $6.00 (children under 12 free accompanied by adult)
Web Site:
I'll be creating custom pieces onsite, as well as showcasing my latest work.


Title: Santa Rosa Mineral & Gem Society Presents
2008 Gem & Mineral Expo
Dates: Saturday & Sunday October 18 & 19th
Web Site:
The 2008 Gem and Mineral Show will be held at the Santa Rosa Veteran's Building at 1351 Maple Ave , Santa Rosa, Ca. (Directions below). We are open to the public on Saturday from 10am - 6pm and on Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

You can find rough rock, fossils, mineral specimens, slabs, gems, crystals, jewelry, beads, meteorites & metal detectors. Click here to see 40+ dealers attending this year coming from all over with their goods.

I'll be demonstrating lapidary and wirework techniques onsite, from slabs to cabs!


As always, I welcome new students and seekers of cool things. Here's bit of info about wirework and Current Classes:

I also offer custom designs. I welcome all challenges and learning experiences in stone and wire and ? Talismans and amulets a specialty. Allow me to create a piece especially for you.

Here is the latest addition to The Femaelstrom, because, hey, who doesn't like a cute kitty pic?

Thank you all for your continuing support of art,


July 2008 Newsletter
July 14, 2009 Newsletter
for July and somewhat beyond

Thanks to all of you who came to see me at my recent venues, SF Whole Living Expo, SF Crystal Fair, Berkeley Pagan Festival, Santa Rosa Downtown Market and Sebastopol Sidewalk Sale. I appreciate your support/admiration/indulgence for my passionate affair with rocks and wire. You make it possible!

I continue to attend the Downtown Market Wednesday nights in Santa Rosa. Lots of good folks to chat with, great food and produce and a cool place to create art on the fly. I'm on Fourth Street next to the fountain at The Cantina. Drop on by!

There are more stone and wire creations on the way, and photos of new work in process for the next newsletter. I will be having a Burning Man Pre-Fire sale for the month of August at all events, 20% off all pendants. I am creating a special crystal wrap using pyrotechnic wire from last year's burn available for $8 each. Colorful AND cool.

In Chaos and Creation,

Dev Khan